Tool designed and inspired by the millenary tool of the Moche, Chimu and INCA cultures, a ceremonial tool that was used for the healing of the wounded with severe cranial traumas after the war. Created and designed by the PHYSIOTHERAPS Prof. Alexander Silva García and Prof. Daniel Dulanto Domeneck.

After studying the caporal structures, their bone and muscle composition of the spine began the tests to adapt the TUMI to a tissue manipulation work, in such a way that it helps us mobilize and release neuromusculoskeletal alterations in this segment.




  1. It is design was made, with model of hand parts.
  2. It is designed by testing the body of patients.





The diameters were designed according to the research studies, with the          appropriate measures for the comfort of the hand





It was designed with mechanical advantage, according to Newton’s laws, greater lever less force.

 Unique tool with 5 hooks, which adapts to the whole body