PT. Paola Tamariz, PT, TMO Alex Silva García , PT Daniel Dulanto Domenack

Hands Pro began its work in the Manipulation of Patients with pain, however, in the experience of the work, the tools of Hands Pro, took another step in the benefit of patients with neurological alterations.

One of the many alterations that the professional who works with neurological patients has to treat is the complications of the tissues due to the motor complications that it presents.

In this work, the Physiotherapist, seeking an improvement in his patients, will work in the sensory, motor, functional and physiological areas of the tissues, for which he can rely on a tool that helps the professional and the patient.

Hands Pro Prof. Paola Tamariz, an expert in the neurological area, will introduce us to a new approach from the neurological base, using the Hands pro tools, to take full advantage of the patient’s recovery.

This training in Instrumental Manipulation in Neurological Rehabilitation, consists of three segments of 6 hours each, a total of which will be 18 hours of training and are taught in two days.

This work complements the rehabilitation management of the Professional in this area, being one more tool for the work and recovery of patients.